Remembering the Sandy Hook Tragedy and Thoughts on where we are at Four Years Later

Four years ago, on December 14, 2012 tragedy struck our country, we lost 20 children and 8 adults.Twenty innocent children and seven adults who were going about their day at their elementary school in the small town of Newtown Connecticut. They werekilled by of a psychotic and ruthless murderer.

I remember where I was, what I was doing that day and will always remember hearing the news and live radio audio as to what happened a short 40-minute drive from my college campus. I was a junior in college and assigned to work for the ambulance service of a neighboring town. I had been offered to work that day but had turned it down due to finals being that week and I desperately needed to study. Unfortunately, that day, my colleagues who worked the same BLS service that I did, had to respond to the shooting and help. I couldn’t feel anything but guilt that a new guy had to take that shift on one of his first days working for our company.

The valiant response that day by the school staff and first responders, some of whom I have worked with was honorable and courageous. They saved as many lives as they could. However, the lives of 27 people were lost. Those 27 people will always be remembered for good people that they were, we continue to pray for their families and friends. We also continue to keep our colleagues that were there that tragicday in our thoughts and prayers.

About the Author

 NICHOLAS WITCZAK is the 2nd Assistant Chief of Brookside Engine Co. 1 and volunteer EMT for the Mendham Township First Aid Squad. Additionally he serves as the Mendham Borough OEM Coordinator. Nick has served in a multitude of departments and positions over the last 8 years including Past Captain of Morristown Ambulance Squad, volunteer firefighter/EMT in combination fire departments including the Wallingford and Allingtown Connecticut fire departments. He has wealth of experience working and volunteering in emergency medical services including municipal, commercial, fire based EMS and 911 fire dispatching. He currently holds a B.S. in Fire Administration from the University of New Haven. Nick works full time in the fire protection industry specializing in safety, sales and project management. He works part time as the NJ Client Development Coordinator for Emergency Resource Management.