Fire Fact

According to studies, wood burns at 1,880 degrees Fahrenheit which is one degree hotter than gasoline which burns at 1,879 degrees Fahrenheit yet is much less than methanol also known as “wood alcohol” which burns at 2,190 degrees Fahrenheit; 310 degrees hotter than wood but in a normal atmosphere most materials will burn near the same temperature. (Source: NFPA 921, 2014 ed. Table

In a controlled setting this will stand true since burn times for each of these are vastly different as well as the heat release rate that is being produce by these as well. Temperatures are good to know but also knowing that the more the products of combustion in the room (their respective temperatures will still be produced) the greater the HRR and the greater fire flow needed.

That’s your fire tip of the week! For more on HRR and fire flow check out our article "Importance of Fire Flow in Today's Fire Service" on why an increased fire flow plays a tremendous part in cooling the products of combustion in today’s rapidly changing society.