Re-Present Yourself to Represent Your Department

From the time we enter the academy to the time we are sworn in as firefighters, we are training to become a better version of ourselves. Even after we graduate and begin our time as a firefighter we are still training each and every day to improve ourselves to become a better version of ourselves but what about the department and community we serve? They say the name on the helmet represents the department and the name on the jacket represents who raised you. Well, what if the name on the helmet and the name on the jacket are not only being represented by you but your “re-presenting” those names through you? 

Think about that for a minute. The 2 names on your uniform are being “re-presenting” through you. The town, the communities and other agencies know the department on the helmet and may quiet possibly know the name on the jacket but it’s how the names are carried and “re-presented” that makes the difference. It’s easy to put the uniform on and go to work but it’s another thing to put the uniform on and go to work with humility, honor and respect. Ask yourself these questions when you’re “re-presenting” the names because this is how you are “re-presenting” your department and your name to others.

1. Am I respectful to my boss and my crew?

2. Am I humble?

3. Do I respect the job?

4. How do I want these names to be “re-presented” to my fellow firefighters and the community?

5. Am I training hard each and every day to improve myself mentality and physically?

6. Would I be able to lead myself?

Being a firefighter and wearing the uniform isn’t a right, it’s a privilege. A privilege many people wish they had and a privilege that can be taken away at any moment. Be conscious of how you act and speak when wearing any part of that uniform on and off duty, it’s showing how you present yourself and also how you are “re-presenting” the names on that uniform. So do a service to your department, the community you sworn to protect, your fellow firefighters who ride alongside you, your family and most importantly yourself and “re-present” them the way you would want someone to “re-present” you. 

Until next time; work hard, stay safe & live inspired.

About the Author

NICHOLAS J. HIGGINS is a firefighter with 17 years in the fire service in Piscataway, NJ, a NJ State certified level 2 fire instructor, a State of New Jersey Advocate for the National Fallen Firefighter’s Foundation and is the founder/contributor of the Firehouse Tribune website. A martial arts practitioner and former collegiate athlete in baseball, Nick is also a National Exercise & Sports Trainer Association Battle Ropes Instructor, Functional Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Coach.  He holds a B.S. in Accounting from Kean University, and a A.A.S in Liberal Arts - Business from Middlesex County College. Nick has spoken at the 2017 & 2018 Firehouse Expo in Nashville, TN as well as at numerous fire departments within NJ and fire service podcasts.